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Empowering Fisheries Compliance

BCMC’s OceanMind established in 2015 through the Satellite Applications Catapult Ltd, one of a network of UK technology and innovation companies which aim to drive economic growth through the commercialisation of research. It was born out of Project Eyes on the Seas, A joint initiative between The Pew Charitable Trusts (Pew), a US-based independent non-profit organisation, and the Satellite Applications Catapult, where significant investment resulted in the development of OceanMind’s technical solution: a technology research and development system designed to monitor, detect and respond to illicit fishing activity across the world’s oceans.

OceanMind provides both historical and real time monitoring support with multi-year and fleet based analysis for informed decision making OceanMind’s mission is to increase the sustainability of fishing globally through actionable insights into fishing and fishing vessel compliance.

OceanMind delivers analytical support to governments and other authorities that are responsible for enforcing fisheries laws and regulations; and verification of compliance for members of seafood supply chains.

Fisheries regulations are complex, inconsistent, and pervasive. Organisations that enforce or follow these often lack capacity to effectively identify the risks posed by fishing activities, especially when fishing vessels traverse multiple jurisdictions.

OceanMind provides highly effective, cost-efficient analytical capacity to allow more productive use of existing resources.

Culture of Compliance Produces Effective Fisheries Management
  • The goal of effective fisheries management is generally to allow a maximum sustainable yield for each fish stock that allows catch while allowing the resource to continue into the future.
  • These goals are premised on people actually following the rules.
  • Compliance is critical to long term sustainability because it may lead to overfishing or habitat impacts that affect the long term sustainability of stocks.
  • In world where the majority of stocks are full exploited or over exploited, it’s important to understand the link between compliance and sustainability so that we can protect the resource.
  • It’s always worth noting that there are precious few examples where the maximum catch was designed to account for IUU fishing, even in fisheries with known compliance problems.