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Fleet Management System

Theft Prevention Remote Asset Monitoring System

BCMC's Fleet Management System utilise Global Positioning Satellites to locate, monitor, and track vehicles. Tracking devices monitor fleet vessels, vehicles and locate overdue or missing vessels/vehicles. Real time GPS devices identify real time vehicle/vessel position and GPS loggers track and record where a vehicle/vessel has been. BCMC's tracking systems improve productivity, accountability, dispatching efficiency, routing and much more. Vehicle trackers enhance fleet management for users and provide theft protection for vessels/vehicles. Owners can track their ships or trucks from the convenience of a laptop or smartphone with BCMC's real time remote access systems. Critically, BCMC's fleet management system is allows for integration with various sensors such as contactless fuel sensors and flowmeters giving the added value of real time fuel monitoring and recording. Additionally, geofencing solutions are available with BCMC's system allowing for automatic detection and alerts for vehicles or vessels that have left their pre-planned route.

BCMC's Managed Fleet Management System

BCMC's Managed Fleet Management System

Optional BCMC's Fleet Management System Chargeable Features:

  • Pilot/Driver Recognition
  • Local Immobilization
  • Fuel Monitoring and Management
  • Portable Tracking and Tracing
  • SMS Alert
  • Journey Traveling Report
  • Driving Behaviour Compliance Report
  • Services Reminder Report (maintenance / insurance / service due reminder)
  • Real Time Cross Countries Tracking and Tracing (track and trace the stolen vehicle even in other countries)
  • Remote listening capability (dial in to listen to the car theft audio when vehicle is stolen to determine location)

Target Industry:

  • Cargo handling equipment
  • Access control systems
  • Oil storage and handling equipment
  • Insurance Telematics
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Maintenance Reminders
  • Track and Trace
  • Electronic Road Pricing
  • Congestion Charges
  • Traffic Probe